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NO CODING REQUIRED! Ready Made Apps for iPhone & Android!

Senior App Developer
Brandon Domack

My mission is to level the playing field for other entrepreneurs who wish to have their own mobile app. I know that most startups and independent entrepreneurs don’t have $100k-$300k to drop on mobile app development. What I do know, is that having your own app can give you a HUGE leg up on your competition.

Having your own iPhone and Android app for your business makes you stand out in your market because other people see how much you invest in your business. Plus you reap the benefits of increased customer engagement through your app.

  • Personal Trainers
  • Musicians/Bands
  • Local shops
  • Content Creators

All businesses can greatly benefit from having a native mobile app experience for their customers. Let’s be real….email campaigns are ok, SMS text campaigns are a little cringey, but Push Notifications get noticed! Push notifications can be annoying (when abused). However, they are the single most effective way at keeping your audience engaged with your business through your app.

I perform all the coding, updates and publishing to the app stores for you. Just subscribe for a low monthly rate, send over your media and basic information and I’ll get it published for (iPhone & Android). I look forward to working with you!

What you get

  • White label iPhone & Android app (that means, you get to use your own branding, logo, app icon, images etc. It’s your own app….Period.)
  • Immediate publishing to Apple App Store & Google Play. *Review process is handled by Apple and Google, they say they can take up to 7 days, but most times it’s within 2-3 days.
  • Full training on how to use your app as the ADMIN
  • Push Notifications! (powerful….so use them wisely)
  • Direct app support
  • Ongoing updates in accordance with app store policies (if you don’t update API levels when they demand it, your app will be kicked)
  • Cancel your subscription whenever you’d like – We don’t like being locked into a contract either. (Your app will be discontinued and unusable immediately upon cancellation)
  • Messaging features
  • Photo & Video upload features
  • Google Firebase Database Integration & Custom Functions
  • And a TON of other cool coding features
  • We do not supply the source code 🙂